Carlo DilettosoActive Projects

General Community Engagement Projects: We are proud to have a close association to’ Big pig Little pig ‘ a smokehouse restaurant in Moorabbin.

Early in February 2020 members of our club helped out at their Bushfire Fundraiser where the funds raised were given to two charities.

Wildlife Victoria and the community of Mallacoota.

The Mallacoota money around $9000 was sent to the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale for distribution to the people of Mallacoota.

Our club added $2000 to this amount.

We look forward to being involved further with this great business in our local area together supporting Victorian causes

MS Research: Significant ongoing financial support is being given to two major projects, stem cell research to repair the damaged myelin sheath around nerve cells, and a nation-wide study on the impact vitamin D on slowing or preventing MS. Also support to individuals suffering MS locally to keep them actively engaged with the community.

Lighthouse: Funding some of the ongoing costs (particularly counselling services) at one of the homes in Bonbeach.

Impact for Women: Supporting one of the mothers , victim of family violence, with a security system and ongoing expenses

Softpathways: Our club has restarted the self-help groups for people suffering depression and anxiety. It was successfully run for 8 years until we lost the club member who ran it. We have found an excellent coordinator well qualified in mental health. Volunteers trained in psychology or social workers facilitate the groups on a weekly basis. It has just begun with a single group meeting at the Cheltenham community hall.