Carlo Dilettoso Active Projects

Low Level Scholarship: A two year $2000/year scholarship was awarded to two needy students for years 10 and 11 at Bentleigh Secondary College. This will pay for computers and other books and school uniforms.

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award): This intensive 6 day course at the YMCA Lake Dewar Lodge, Myrnong is regarded as high quality as any course run by major corporations. The program covers the fundamentals of ethics in positive leadership, communicative skills, team building, problem solving in teams, conflict resolution and building self-confidence. Our club has sponsored a candidate each year from university level or early in their career in industry. Last year it was Dirshan Darby, this year Lucy Shao.

NYSF (National Youth Science Forum): This is a 2 week hands-on course in science and engineering for year 11 students is held at the National University in Canberra. It is for students with an outstanding interest in science. It involves practising scientists and engineers from big industrial corporations as well as universities, CSIRO and CSL. Our club has been successful sponsoring a candidate for this course who was selected from a very competitive range of applicants.

Summer Science: This 3 day course is also run by the Rotary district for year 9 students who are passionately interested in science. It is for developing practical skills and helping the students to form their directions in their career. Our club has always sponsored several students each year.

MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly): It is conducted at Parliament House each year over a weekend, this year 30 April to 1st May. Our two teams were Kirsten Hallett and Tom Grounds from Carwatha representing Sudan and Leah Currie and Adam Kanarrak from Bentleigh secondary college representing Ukraine. Resolutions like small arms abolition and mandatory numbers of refugee intake by first world countries were debated with vigour and fun by parliamentary rules. The Bentleigh team won the best costume award.